The remakevg command providing wrong values


  AIX 4.2.1
  RISC J30
  Tape 7337

  I created a backup using this syntax:

  sysback -xf /dev/rmt1 sbvg vg0

  I then varyoff and exported both sbvg and vg0

  lsvg    (only shows rootvg)

  remakevg -v -E -f /dev/rmt1 sbvg

I selected this menu option  "Select Physical Volumes for Volume Groups"
  I got back this output

    PVname   Location      Volume Group    Description                
   *hdisk0   00-06-B1-2,0  rootvg        2.2 GB 16 Bit SCSI 
    hdisk1   00-07-A1-3,0  sbvg          2.2 GB 16 Bit SCSI 
    hdisk2   00-07-A1-4,0  sbvg          2.2 GB 16 Bit SCSI 
    hdisk3   00-07-A1-5,0  vg0           2.2 GB 16 Bit SCSI 

Why did I get this output:  hdisk3   00-07-A1-5,0  vg0  
It should not have shown this since, I did not include this on 
the the remakevg command.

APPENDED by tj on 01/06/98 17:59:
The remakevg command obviously needs to remove any volume group
information from the file for volume groups other than the 
one(s) you selected to create. This will prevent the 
information from appearing in the menus. 

Fixed with sysback.rte

Support Line: The remakevg command providing wrong values ITEM: FC8651L
Dated: January 1998 Category: N/A
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