3.2.5 support of 59H to 595 hardware upgrade


Does the 7013-595 model upgrade require an operating system 
upgrade?  If not, what else must be considered when the 
system is upgraded?


The 7013-595 model upgrade does not necessarily require an
operating system upgrade.  The 595 upgrade was tested at
AIX, and this level of the 3.2.5 operating system
should be installed prior to the hardware upgrade.  As long
as the 595 is being installed as an MES upgrade of an existing
7013-5XX system, it is supported at AIX  New orders
of the 7013-595 require the AIX version 4 operating system
(4.1.5 or later, or 4.2.0 or later).

All of the new hardware (memory and processor) installed as
part of the upgrade are compatible with the operating
system level.  

It should be noted that although the 595 has eight microchannel
adapter slots, they are on two different microchannel buses.
This may change the addresses of adapters (and devices attached
to them) installed in slots 5-8 of the original machine.  

Support Line: 3.2.5 support of 59H to 595 hardware upgrade ITEM: CO2085L
Dated: August 1997 Category: N/A
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