Network boot hanging on led 888-102-558-0c8

  AIX 4.1.4
  RISC 43P (Server)  M20 (Client)

  The customer is doing a network boot from the 43P to the M20
  which has a disk drive added and it crashes with this led
  The M20 only has 16mb of ram.

  I had the customer do this:
  cd /usr/sbin
  cp mksbnetboot
  vi mksbnetboot
    search on 16384
    Once found change that number to 10384
  rebuild the network boot image again
 Now the M20 is booting.

I am not sure if this problem is only related to the M20 only or 
16mb ram systems.  I will pass this info off to the devolper to
look at.

Next Action:


The 16 MB number was an arbitrary number which I expected would work on
most machines. But, since this is the RAM filesystem size, this doesnt
leave room for the actual RAM program and data areas on a 16 MB system.
Since this is the first time we've seen this, I cant change the number 
without ensuring that we dont make it to small, which is a much larger
problem. Keep in mind that the contents of the RAM filesytem are 
determined by the network adapters & other device support installed in the 
system when the backup is made. Therefore, we need a system with all 
device code installed and both internal/external ethernet and tokenring
adapters installed to verify what the smallest RAM filesystem size can
be on a 16 MB system.

In other words, this number worked for this customer based on his 
configuration, but may not work for others, so we need to find the 
middle ground that works for all systems with 16 MB of memory installed.
I'm closing this item without change now, unless we start seeing other
instances. If this is the case, make sure to document the system 
configuration including the network adapters installed and all device
support installed.

So basically this number will not be changed at this time.

Support Line: Network boot hanging on led 888-102-558-0c8 ITEM: AX7103L
Dated: April 1996 Category: N/A
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