upgrade to 3251 completed very quickly

  AIX 3.2.5

  Attempting to upgrade system to and the update_all 
  completed extremely fast (ie. 3-4 minutes).

  Checked install.log and the only entry was the creation of the
  sna profiles backup.  Also checked install.summary and the
  entries indicated that U403251 was applied and committed.

  oslevel still indicates \<>3250, lslpp -m bos.obj does indicate
  that U493251 has been installed and committed.

  Ran the udpate_all again and it completed indicating that the
  update was all ready installed on the system.

  Explained that 3251 is a collection of ptfs since the original
  3250, and it is possible that all the underlying ptfs with the
  exception of U493251 were all ready installed.

  None, CC

Support Line: upgrade to 3251 completed very quickly ITEM: AK0119L
Dated: June 1995 Category: N/A
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