ITEM: K4592L

Having problems bringing up Netview Service Point

Service Point Code is not able to establish the SSCP to PU session

Called customer NILM.


Customer called back.  You are receiving Return Codes: 08 35 71.  In the
document SC31-6240, the error description is  an AIX error.  It is a general

I am receiving these error messages:

Unable to establish logical PU to SSCP connection.
Security authentication denied.

1.  Export the SNA Profiles into a file by typing
      exportsna -f \

2.  Find and edit the value assigned to the parameter
      nmvt_action_when_no_nmvt_process.  The incorrect value is set to
    reject. It must be changed to queue.

3.  Type queue.

4. Import the profiles back into SNA Services by typing
      importsna -l \

 Stop NetView Service Point
    /usr/lpp/nvix/scripts/nvix_control stop
  Stop SNA Services
    stopsrc -s sna
  Start SNA Services
    startsrc -s sna
  Start the SNA Attachment
    startsrc -t attachment -o PROFILE_NAME
  Start NetView Service Point
    /usr/lpp/nvix/scripts/nvix_control start
  Check the status of Service Point
    /usr/lpp/nvix/scripts/nvix_control status
    This command should return a status of active for the SSCP-PU

  Send a test alert
    (Note:  This send a sample alert to the host netview session.)

spappld and tralertd will not start.

Went into SMIT -> nv6000 -> Configure -> Set options for AIX
NetView/6000 daemons -> Set options for host connection daemons -> Set
options for tralertd daemon and removed the 'host name' entry.  This
is only needed if the service point code is not installed on the same
system as NV/6000

Support Line: Having problems bringing up Netview Service Point ITEM: K4592L
Dated: June 1994 Category: N/A
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