It appears that sysback is not backing up all the files

              RISC 580  
              AIX 4.2

Description:  Customer is performing a full system backup using the
  following command:

        sysrestore -v -p -f vdev0 >> sysback.list

  Customer now looks at the sysback.list and notices that it appears
  the only /usr filesystem was backed up.

Action:  I had customer do a filelist of his backup to confirm that
  his entire rootvg was backed up.
  sysrestore -Lf vdev0 -vrootvg > output  
  The output list looked correct.  Why he saw mostly /usr
  files in the sysback.list is because sysback redirects the filelist
  to standard error, not standard out.  The only data that goes to
  standard out is the 2nd and 4th image data which is predominantly
  /usr files.

  In more detail:  Sysback generates the following low level command
  to actually backup data:

    cat filelist | backup -ivqf- | sbwrite

  Sysback sends what would normally be standard out data to standard
  error so that the backup command can get its data stream from the
  standard out/in.

  I had customer modify his sysback command to the following to generate
  a complete sysback.list file.

        sysback -v -p -f vdev0 2>&1 >  sysback.list

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Support Line: It appears that sysback is not backing up all the files ITEM: CJ5264L
Dated: December 1996 Category: N/A
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