"insert character" screen movement sequences using "aixterm"


DESC: Customer is mapping out keys for an application.  Along
      the line UNIDATA (for programming) is used.  He has been
      able to map out other redrawing keys like "Delete",
      "Carriage Return", and so on.  The following "HEX" sequence
      works for the delete:

      c0 31 2d 32 30 c0

     The following sequence doesn't work for insert, although
     it should:

      c0 31 2d 32 31 c0

ACT: Customer explained how the application reads terminfo


The terminfo characteristic for insert mode is smir
to find out the characters send use:
tesch /home/labs/curses >tput smir | od -c
0000000  033   [   4   h
The terminfo character to exit insert mode is rmir
tesch /home/labs/curses >tput rmir | od -c
0000000  033   [   4   l
The terminfo  attribute for a single character insert
is ich1, but as you can see this is not defined for the aixterm.
tesch /home/labs/curses >tput ich1 | od -c

To test the insert mode simple use the curput program (/home/labs/curses)
which we can sent, or at aix 4.1 use tput cup row col with this attribute.

aix 4.1         aix 3.2
tput cup 10 10          curput 10 10
echo "initial string"
sleep 5
tput smir
tput cup 10 10          curput 10 10
echo "INSERT"
tput rmir

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