ITEM: Q2154L

Problem: Workbench/netls


Have workbench demo-expire/did an installed-got differenet
answer from various people/ Recently did an upgrade from
980 to 990: the NLS won't runn/there are different ip address
and cpu id.


        RISC 990, NetLS

        Netls was not running, the netlsd daemon was terminating as soon
as it was brought up.

        Stopped all of the daemons:
        stopsrc -s llbd
        stopsrc -s glbd
        stopsrc -s netlsd

        Renamed /etc/ncs glb.e and glb.p files

        Ran /usr/lib/netls/conf/netls_config
        Ran /usr/lib/netls/conf/netls_first_time

        startsrc -s llbd
        startsrc -s glbd
        startsrc -s netlsd

The ls_admin window came up successfully, however the customer's server
does not appear to be on the server list.  Ran ls_find and ls_tv in an
attempt to get netls to recognize the server, but this did not work.

        Customer had an appointment, and needed to pick up the problem
at a later time.  Researching in the meantime...


Tried reconfiguring the server as an alternate cell.  Created a new cell,
Alternate Cell 1.  This seemed to create successfully, but now the netlsd
daemon is not staying up when it is run.  In a way, this is a digression
from what was running before.

        Obtaining assistance from S.M.E.


The customer wanted to note two big changes since netls last ran.  The
IP address of the machine has changed, and the machine has been upgraded
from a 980 to a 990.



D:  I had Jerry shutdown the daemons and remove the glb.e and glb.p
files from /etc/ncs, _and_ the lic_db, cur_db, and lic_db.bak files
from /usr/lib/netls/conf.  We then stepped through the netls_config
process, built a new alternate-named cell, and ran  the new
netls_first_time script.  The daemons came up fine, and the licenses
went into NetLS without a problem.

A:  Closing as resolved.

Support Line: Problem: Workbench/netls ITEM: Q2154L
Dated: December 1994 Category: N/A
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