Service Director return code 5 (rc=5)

 ENV:          AIX 4.1.5, 9076

 PROBLEM:      Customer has 5 machines which he is trying to set up
               Service Director.  He has registered them all, but
               gets rc=5.

 ACTION TAKEN: In the "Build/Update List of Machines" screen, the
               first machine has "R" and a "K", but others just have
               "R".  Had customer try to send key again -- rc=5
               (Warranty or Maitenance Service Agreement were not
               found -- call 1-800-IBM-4YOU).  Had customer
               re-register a machine, but it failed with NAK errors.
               Set the modem initialization string to turn error
               correcting ON and echo OFF.  Customer retried the
               registration and now gets the rc=5.
.               Had customer call 1-800-IBM-4YOU to make sure they
               have a maintenance contract.  Customer called about
               Warranty and Maintenance Agreement -- all is fine.
               Still getting rc=5 (cannot re-register), however
               machines all have R's by them, which indicate that
               they are registered.
.               Asked customer to go to step 3 in the registration
               screen, 'Build Reporting Topology'; this completed
               without error.
.               We then went to step 4 and attempted to distribute the
               registration files to one system at a time.  We
               selected the control workstation, but it errored out
               immediately with the following:
.               The current host does not have all necessary files for 
               step 4.  The above listed host has failed to transfer 
               the files
.               Contacted Service Director System Administrator, who 
               advised me that this error generally shows up when
               some kind of shortcut has been taken to build the
               list of machines for registration.  The ProbRepAt
               and customer.dat files are built from this informa-
               tion.  Customer used the procedure in the Service
               Director 9076 CE Guide to build the list of machines
               using the rsh/dsh commands.  
.               Advised customer to go ahead and rebuild the machine
               list manually, then follow the rest of the steps.
.ACTION PLAN:   Close end of day.

Support Line: Service Director return code 5 (rc=5) ITEM: DF0046L
Dated: February 1998 Category: N/A
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