Can't suppress prompts from the restbyinode command


  AIX 4.1.4

Desc:   filesystem restore from smit hangs terminal using sysback
        Sysback uses the backbyinode to create the backup and
        restbyinode to restore.  The restbyinode asked for
        set owner/mode for '.'? [ yes or no ]

Act: Discovered that restore won't suppress prompts -- this
     causes smit usage of restore to hang the terminal waiting
     on the response

restore -qxvf /dev/rmt\#  ./\

You will need to use the -S flag with restbyinode command.  

You will need at AIX 3.2.5
IX53710  185942 Restbyinode needs -S flag

You will need at AIX 4.1.4
IX53715 Restbyinode needs -S flag  "Fileset bos.rte.archive"

sysback 3.3 is checking to see if the -S flag is a valid one
for both AIX 3.2 and AIX 4.1.  If it is a valid flag it will 
use it if not then it does not.

Next Action:
  Closing with customer approval

Support Line: Can't suppress prompts from the restbyinode command ITEM: BI3720L
Dated: May 1996 Category: N/A
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