ITEM: W1969L

Terminal; 3153 setup/ dual session mode


Env: 3.2.5
     ibm3153 Terminals

        Customer has two rs/6000 systems, in which they are currently
        sharing one 3153 terminal as their console. Individually, the
        3153 works fine. Customer would like to take advantage
        of the 3153's capabilities of dual sessions on the terminal
        and connect the two rs/6000 to this 3153.

        It is possible to achieve this. Follow these steps...

Setting up a 3153 terminal for dual/split screen mode:

  The following steps are in the configuration menu of the

 1. Under Quick menu (F1):
   - Change Sessions to Two
      Press space bar to change betwen options.
     To switch back and forth between individual session setup,press
   - Change Emulation entry for each session
 2. Under General menu (F2):
   - Change Session Display to Split
      This option will only appear if you have Sessions set to two

 3. Under Display menu:
   - Change the Screen Video to 44 or
     50 according to specific needs.

 4. Save the settings by pressing \ key.

 NOTE: The two serial ports, ses1 and ses2 on the back
 of the 3153, have one important difference. When connecting
 to ses1, you need to have an interposer/null-modem cable. For
 ses2, a straigth through cable will suffice.

Act: Customer did the above to set up the 3153 terminal as a dual
console and after changing the cabling he is getting the following

transmit conditions auxillary port XOFF

        Walked through the above steps for setting up the dual 
        session on the terminal.        

        Customer had enabled the EIA/Aux option for Session 1.
        Changed to EIA/none for session 1 and AUX/none for
        Session 2. 

        Walked through for setting up the split screen in
        52 line mode. Customer satisfied with solution. 

Support Line: Terminal; 3153 setup/ dual session mode ITEM: W1969L
Dated: August 1995 Category: N/A
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