LED code 185 DURING shutdown -F command


ENV:    RISC/6000 model 7011-250
        AIX version 3.2.5

DESC:   Customer is running open connect-ocs2 software
        on his system and when he issues a:

                shutdown -Fr

        command, it gets to stopping all processes and
        then immediately goes to led 185 and hangs there.

ACTION: We did a shutdown (no flags) and it worked 
        fine, but a shutdown with flags (ie. -Fr, -F, -r,
        etc), would hang on led 185.  Researched
        it and the only hit was memory simms, but hardware
        has already checked it.

        The problem ended up being with the customer's
        third party software "Open Connect" (ocs2). 
        Each time the shutdown command was running that
        it failed, the application was running.  When the
        application stopped, so did the led 185's.  The
        customer upgraded his ocs2 software and the problem
        has not occurred again.

NEXT ACTION:    Customer agreed to close.  Item closed.

Support Line: LED code 185 DURING shutdown -F command ITEM: BF9984L
Dated: March 1996 Category: N/A
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