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Xstation will not boot: tftp error 6602 0711


Xstation will not boot.


  I have an Xstation 130 trying to boot off of a RISC.  The Xstation is
  physically located in another room, but the two are on the same 16Mbps
  token ring network.  When I boot the Xstation, I get the following:

  BOOTP (some numbers)
  TFTP  0000   0000   0000   0000   6602   0711


  6602 0711 usually means there's a problem external to the Xstation.
  Since everything seemed to match between the Xstation and RISC, I
  told the SE to check the hardware next:

         1)  Make sure the cable and connections are good.  Disconnect
         and reconnect all connections, and try a different cable if
         2)  Make sure the MAU is in good working order.  Again, try
         another one if you can.
         3)  Verify that your ring speed matches the network's.


Support Line: Xstation will not boot: tftp error 6602 0711 ITEM: S4094L
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