HACMP: which interface the user is login in to.

.PROBLEM: Customer wants to discuss the HA take over process.
        Specifically what happens to a user that has a connection to the 
        primary server and what happens to that user connection when it 
        fails over to secondary server.

ACTION TAKEN: Discussed with the customer how to determine the new 
        connection for that user.
        A combination of using the lsof program,netstat -an,who -u and 
        ps -ef we are able to determine the new user connection.

Action Taken: Talked with customer and explained there is not utility
        that lets a user know which iterface he came in through.
        Customer said he was able to write a script and use lsof
        as root to show what adapter he came in from. I explained
        that he could then put a suid bit on lsof and have
        other users run it.

        Customer can do a
        \#who am i
        kurt        pts/13      Jan 19 10:10                    
        \#ps -ef | grep pts/13
        kurt 28012 39530   1 12:21:43 pts/17  0:00 -ksh
        \#lsof -p 39530
        telnetd   39530     root    0u  inet 0x05ae8900 0t3202  

        So the first host is the node telneted to and the second
        is the host telneted from.

Action plan: close

Support Line: HACMP: which interface the user is login in to. ITEM: FC8798L
Dated: January 1998 Category: N/A
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