Can I pass-thru print through a telnet session ?

9076 / SP 3.2.5 
DOS and OS/2 PC's 

We have PCs emulating vt220 which telnet into AIX and run an 
application.  This application prints to terminal attached printers
but does not use AIX queues.  Will this work to print to the PCs
over telnet sessions?

This will depend on whether or not the PC's vt220 emulation supports
pass-thru printing... To test we did the following:

Look in the /usr/lib/terminfo/dec.ti file and get the printer on 
string (mc5 attribute) and printer off string (mc4 attribute) for the
vt220 terminal type.

echo "This goes to the screen" > /tmp/test
echo "\\033[5i This goes to the printer" >> /tmp/test
echo "\\033[4i This goes to the screen" >> /tmp/test

From the PC telnet session, cat /tmp/test and the middle line should
go to the terminal-attached printer and the first and last lines to
to the screen... This will tell you if your PC emulation is setup to
do pass-thru printing, though you may still need to get with the PC
support group to configure which printer it goes to, etc.

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