db2 6000 - Migrated an instance and cannot run db2ckmig

ENV: Migrating an instance from v1 to v2.

  Migrating from db2 v1 to V2.1.  
  When I run the db2ckmig command I get an error.
     $ db2ckmig \ /l \
    Could not load program db2ckmig 
    Symbol sqledgde in ksh is undefined
    Symbol sqlofclo in ksh is undefined
    Error was: Exec format error
   What to do?
  This error is likely due to an incorrect LIBPATH value.  Run the command:
     $ unset LIBPATH
   to clear it and then the program will execute.

  If a new problem comes up giving the error:
     $ db2ckmig sample /l /tmp/trash
    Database Manager cannot be started.
  This is likely due to the fact that you have already migrated the 
  THe db2ckmig command is designed to be run before the instance 
  has been migrated.

  The user stated that the documenta-
  tion was not clear....After reviewing the documentation it does not
  explicitly inform you to logon to the instance that you will be will have to really read the verbage before that
  states: "To migrate only certain database under a given instance,
  first execute the db2ckmig command to verify that the selected
  databases can be migrated."  Also, this command would be is un-
  necessary if you ran the db2imigr command as it will create a log
  file "INSTHOME/migration.log" which stores information the about 
  local databases found from running the db2ckmig command.

Support Line: db2 6000 - Migrated an instance and cannot run db2ckmig ITEM: BD8712L
Dated: January 1996 Category: N/A
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