remote queue-local filtering-ignores header= trailer=

ENV: J30, 4.1.4

DESC: Customer has a remote queue to a Novell file server.  He is
using local filtering.  This is working fine.  He can get a header
page if he uses "qprt -Bgn" or "qprt -Ban".  However, if he sets the
queue to default with a header, he does not get a header.  The queue
is set to send the pass-thru flag to the server.

ACT: He was using the bsd filters, so I had him try the att and the
aix filters.  These had the same reaction.

ACT: I was able to confirm this reaction by setting up a remote queue
with local filtering between two RISC systems.  When the command line
argument is not used, the piorlfb does not examine the /etc/qconfig to
determine if a header should be sent.  I will suggest that he use lpr.
Since lpr will call enq with the header flag set, this will bypass the

ACT: Customer will try the lpr, but has already trained most of his
users in using the qprt command.  He will also look into using a
double-queue setup to workaround this problem.  I showed him where he
could access the virtual printers through 'programming tools' in the
spooler menu.  Customer would like the issue with the headers using
piorlfb escalated as a defect.

 -TOUNGATE, MARVIN      -576539300  -L165/-------P3S3-96/04/05-18:27--AT
Talked with Paul Clifton about the problem he is having and I have
verified that the header and trailer attibutes from the qconfig stanza
are ignored when local filtering is used for remote printing.
Investigating.  Marvin

 -TOUNGATE, MARVIN      -576539300  -L165/-------P3S3-96/05/07-15:48--AT
Found that the backend is not getting the proper information from the
spooler for printing header pages. Marvin Heffler then tracked down
the problem to the digest command for the qconfig file. If the error
turns out to be easily fixed with low risk, then we will create an
apar for this. Otherwise, we will need to fix this in a future release.
Called the customer to let him know, but he was not in. Will call him
back tomorrow.   Marvin

 -TOUNGATE, MARVIN      -576539300  -L165/TOUNGA-P3S3-96/05/09-11:18--CC
 S5> SERVICE GIVEN= 99  SG/99/
It turns out that the fix for having header pages created locally for
remote queues is somewhat risky and would require changing code that
is used by all remote printing. I talked to the customer and said
that we would prefer doing this as an efix rather than an apar because
of the risk, and then fixing it in the next release. He said that he
was ok with a workaround which involves writing a frontend to the
qprt command which calls the real qprt program with -Baa backend
flag, and did not need the efix for now. He is happy with the fix just
being added to the next release. Closing pmr with customer approval.

Support Line: remote queue-local filtering-ignores header= trailer= ITEM: AX3054L
Dated: May 1996 Category: N/A
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