How to properly space labels when printing label forms?

        AIX 4.1.4
        Model C20
        Label printer
        We have a label printer and are printing a series of labels
        that are contained in a single file.  AIX prints the first
        label fine, but doesn't advance to the next label... Ie the
        first line of the second label starts printing above the
        start of the second physical label.
        The file doesn't contain line breaks or form feeds between
        the labels so there are only a couple of things you can do
        to get around the problem:

        1) Set the _l (lines per page) to the number of lines on each
           label.  This way AIX will send a form feed after _l lines.
           The printer must know how far to advance when it receives a
           form feed (ie to the top of the next label.)

        2) You can set the af virtual printer attribute.  This variable
           contains the "form feed character" which is set to the 
           character sent to the printer after every _l lines.  If you
           want to send the printer 5 carriage returns after every _l
           lines, set af=\\13\\13\\13\\13\\13

        3) You can write a small C filter program, f=c, fc=/your/program
           This program would have to read from stdin, add characters to
           the data stream when appropriate, and then write to stdout.

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