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COBOL: Open Fail error on AIX

Compiling/executing Micro Focus COBOL programs causes the error:

        Open Fail error 9/22 on AIX


This error may happen whenever a file is opened - usinge the Toolbox
editor, animating, compiling, or while running a program.  The error is
intermittent and is related to the number of processes on the system.

This problem occurs because Micro Focus assumes a 16-bit process id and
AIX uses a 32-bit process id.  When the process id becomes larger than 
65,536, this error is likely to be generated on the open of a file.  
Micro Focus uses the process id number when opening a file.

The fix for this error is in two parts:

1.  Setting the lock_mode.  The lock_mode is a run-time tunable and set 
    in the file $COBDIR/cobconfig with the line "set lock_mode=2".  If 
    this file is not already in $COBDIR, it can be added with and text 
    editor.  ($COBDIR is defined as /usr/lpp/MFcobol/cobol under the 
    COBOL PowerBench.)

2.  THIS APPLIES TO non-COBOL POWERBENCH versions of Micro Focus COBOL.
    The Micro Focus COBOL version must be 10.01 or greater.  COBOL 
    PowerBench version began at 10.06.   The COBOL version can be 
    obtained by entering cob -V on the command line and checking the
    PRN number.  If the version is prior to 10.06, the customer must 
    contact Micro Focus COBOL for an updated version of the COBOL.

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