How to disable AMD & SUPPER and to make users local


How to disable AMD & SUPPER and make users local to each node?

        To stop AMD & SUPPER and to make his users local on the
nodes he will need to do the following:

1.  Using smit go into "Site Environment Information"
    and set the following options:

    To stop AMD at start up:
      AMD Configuration               false

    To stop SUPPER at start up:
      File Collection Management      false
        (this will remove the crontab entries for the updates)

    To remove 9076 User Administration:
      User Administration Interface   false
        (this will remove the 9076 User smit screens and copy
         back the /usr/bin/*.orig files on the nodes; passwd, chfs, 
         and chfn.)
2.  If currently running AMD and SUPPER do the following:
    For AMD:
        'df' and record AMD's PID
        kill -15 \      

    For SUPPER:
        /var/sysman/supper offline
        3.  To make users local to the nodes:
    Move all the home directories in /home/\ to /home
    and then copy them to /home on the nodes.
        4.  After moving the home directories recreate the AIX link 
    between /u and /home.
        rmdir /u
        ln -s /home /u

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