HOWTO on connecting one 3153 terminal between two RISCs.

        AIX 3.2.5
        3153 terminals

DESC:   The customer has two RISC boxes, each with it's own IBM 3153 
        terminal, emulating wyse60. The customer has attempted to use
        the aux-port on the back of one of the 3153s to connect to the
        second RISC. He is following the manual setup on page 2-8 and
        is not having success. See the diagram below.

         _____  AUX              ______
        |3153 |================>|      |                        
        |RISC | PORT            |RISC  |
        |_____|                 |______|

ACT:    To setup one 3153 terminal between two RISC boxes.   

        The EIA port (port 1) on the back on the 3153 was used for the
        connection to HOST-1. The AUX port (port 2) was used to connect
        to HOST-2. 

                           *** IMPORTANT NOTE ***

           The AUX port is internally configured for DCE devices! Thus,
           when connecting a DTE device (i.e. another RISC, serial printer,
           terminals) DO NOT use an interposer/null-modem. 

        I then hit control+minus key (on the number key-pad) to enter the
        setup for the 3153. Under the F1 key, I set "sessions=two" and 
        saved this setting when exiting setup via "control+scroll-lock".
        I verifed that I did indeed have two sessions by cycling from one
        to the another by pressing "control+enter" and noting the session
        number at the bottom left of the screen.

        I then returned into the setup on the 3153 for session one.
        Now I selected the port to be used for connection to HOST-1 
        as the EIA port. (NOTE - the EIA port is internally configured  
        for DTE deives, thus, when connecting another DTE device to
        this port, an interposer/null-modem cable or adapter is needed).
        I selected "Host/Printer" to use "EIA/None". (the "none" means
        no printer will be using a port durning activities under session
        I saved this setting upon exiting setup.

        I then switched to session two. Again, I went into setup. I set
        "Host/Printer" to use "AUX/None". I again saved this setting when

        I then defined the tty definations on both RISC boxes and made 
        sure these definitions matched EXACTLY to the baud, parity, 
        bata bits, etc.... defined by the 3153, under it's setup.

        I "penabled" both ttys (to have a getty running) and I was able
        to login and switch from one RISC to the other.... all while
        using the same IBM 3153 terminal.

ACT:    I called the customer. He asked how I knew the AUX port was 
        configured for DCE devices. I stated that on page 1-10 and 1-11 
        on the User's Guide did report the AUX port was configured for 
        DCE devices... and on page 2-8, the diagram (poor as it is) did 
        show the interposer on the EIA port. 

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