ITEM: D6338L

Cannot restore files from Sysback backup


I am concerned that all data is not being backed up when using the sysback
comamnd. I am trying to restore a file that is not restoring properly.


Customer says she is running backups on a system with 32 GB of data
using the full system backup option and it is completing successfully
on only 1 tape (5gb tape drive) without prompting for a second volume.

They have rootvg and tfmsvg volume groups.

Used 'lsvg -l' and 'df -v' commands to determine there is only 9.5 GB
of actual data to backup. They are backing up compression to 5 GB
drive that may compress up to 10 GB. It is possible that it is all
making it to a tape but realistically it only holds about 7.5 GB of
compressed data. All indications from the sysback command are that the
data is all fitting on one tape.

The restore command is running successfully but the file is empty when
it completes. Turns out she was restoring a symbolic link to a file
and not the data file itself. She is re-trying the restore now using
the actual filename.

Support Line: Cannot restore files from Sysback backup ITEM: D6338L
Dated: September 1993 Category: N/A
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