Label specs for the 7331


What are the specifications for labels to be used with the 7331
tape library.

  Bar code labels printed locally of ordered preprinted should meet
  the specifications listed below.  The user is required to install
  the bar code labels on the data and cleaning cartridges.
  Bar code label format for tape cartridges used with an RS/6000
  system require the following:

     The bar code label must begin with an alphabetic character
     (A..Z, $, or \#) and can be followed by alphanumeric characters
     (A...Z, $, \# or .).  Blanks between characters are never allowed
     in a name.  It is highly recommended that the first six
     characters of the cartridge ID be the same as the volume ID
     for the tape

         Description:                   Specification
        ------------                    -------------
        Preferred Lable                 Material Kimdura
        Label Surface                   Matte Finish
        Label Backing                   Permanent Adhesive
        Preferred Print Method          Thermal Transfer
        Minimum Reflectance difference  55% or better
        ANSI grade                      B
        STI grade                       90% or equivalent
        Bar code density                Medium density (14.8 mils min)
        Bar code Symbology              Code 39
        Quiet zone                      10X or better (0.148 inches)
        Shelf Life                      1 year or more
        Check sum digit                 Modulus 43

     -     - --------------------------------------------------
     |   6.2 |      |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||         |
     |     - |                                                |
    10.2     |                                                |
     |       |                  VOL001                        |
     -       --------------------------------------------------
                        Dimensions in millimeters

Reference:   7331 Model 205 8mm Tape Cartridge Library  SA26-7111-01

Support Line: Label specs for the 7331 ITEM: BH0746L
Dated: April 1996 Category: N/A
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