Multi-hop SLIP configuration


  Ethernet network:

  RISC1 ----- Terminal ----- Modem -- slip -- Modem ------- RISC2
  IP Addresses:
        RISC1 =
        RISC2 =
        T/S   =
        mask  =

  The customer can telnet from the 250 to the terminal server, and from
  the terminal server he can telnet to the RISC.  What the customer would
  like to be able to do is telnet directly from the 250 to the RISC

  The customer can put a PC in place of the 250 and telnet directly to 
  the RISC, but cannot do this with the RISC.


   SLIP creates a point-to-point route when the sl0 interface is
   brought up.  Therefore you can only get to that point since
   these points are all on the same network (i.e. there is no

   We were able to get around this by doing the following:

  1)  Remove to point to point route
        route delete
  2)  Add a default route
        route add 0

They were then able to get directly to any other machines on their
network.  Notes that these commands will net to be put
in the /etc/ file so that they execute each time
the system is booted.

Support Line: Multi-hop SLIP configuration ITEM: AC3847L
Dated: October 1994 Category: N/A
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