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How to plan 128-port adapter?


Customer has three remote sites, and wonders how many RAN and
128-port adapters.

Explained there are 2 lines per 128-port adapter.  Each line will
support a single DSU/CSU pair.  So a single line will support one
remote location - 2 remote locations per card.  If any local ran
are on the line, then the local users will have the same bottleneck
in performance as the remote users on the same LINE.  This means
that if I run a 9600 baud SYNC modem to connect the remote RAN
to the 128-port card and I have a local RAN on that line, the
local line will have a aggregate performance rate on all its ports
plus the remote ports of 9600 baud total.  On the other hand if
the local RAN are on the other LINE from the remote systems, the
local line can be set to 1.2 MBaud and the local users will have
good response while the remote users on the other line will be
limited by the DSU/CSU or SYNC modem speed.

WIll FAX 128-port overview portion of chapter 21 from System 
Management Guide, Operating System and Devices Manual as well
as 'remote_ran_modems_cables' FAX from /public/support/aix/tty
which describes settings for several types of DSU/CSU and
customer experiences with these Modems in connecting remote

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