HACMP System does failover due to lack of Mbuf space.


System crashed:  led 888.102.700.0c4


Env: 2-990's  AIX 3.2.5  HACMP 3.1

Act:  The crash is due to a dms timeout.  

Desc:  Customer wants to know what caused the dms timeout.

Act:  run netstat -m
239 mbufs in use:
        17 mbufs allocated to data
        1 mbufs allocated to packet headers
        137 mbufs allocated to socket structures
        54 mbufs allocated to protocol control blocks
        13 mbufs allocated to routing table entries
        7 mbufs allocated to socket names and addresses
        10 mbufs allocated to interface addresses
27/27 mapped pages in use
142 Kbytes allocated to network (100% in use)
23 requests for memory denied
78 requests for memory delayed
0 calls to protocol drain routines

netstat -m showed that Mbufs where running out of space due to improper
close of sockets.  To resolve this problem make sure all sockets are 
being closed properly and/or increase the amount of Mbuf space.  Mbuf
space can be increased by performing the following command.

  no -o thewall=1024  (Size in 1MB increaments)

This entry must be run each time the system is restarted or it can be
placed at the end of the /etc/rc.tcpip script.

Support Line: HACMP System does failover due to lack of Mbuf space. ITEM: AP4673L
Dated: March 1996 Category: N/A
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