Bootp of JetDirect over FDDI link

        AIX 4.1.4
        Unknown machine type
        HP 4Si attached to JetDirect card
        I am unable to use bootp to boot my JetDirect.
        Performed the following checks:

        vi /etc/bootptab
                Entry is there - no blank fields or 
                fields with names but no values.

        vi /etc/inetd.conf
                bootps wasn't commented out so bootp was operational.
                Commented out bootps line

        refresh -s inetd
        ps -ef |grep bootpd
                Killed /etc/bootpd

        Started bootpd in debug mode:
        bootpd -d -d -d -d -s

        Power cycled the printer.  We get bootp requests and
        send replies.... The requests just keep coming in.
        You are using FDDI link - broadcast bootp can NOT be
        performed across FDDI.

        You can setup IP address of the printer on its front
        panel and print to it afterwards.

        Also discussed why you cannot do bootp across routers
        for HPJetDirect - it sends out arp entry before it 
        sends out its bootp requests.  Assuming the router is
        configured to allow bootp requests and replies across
        to other network segments, since we will have an arp
        entry we will send the reply back TO AN IP ADDRESS
        WHICH DOES NOT YET EXIST.  The only way to bootp a
        JetDirect across a router is if the router has a 
        bootp helper function for just such a purpose.  Some
        Cisco routers have this ability.

        You can setup IP addresses on the front panel of the
        printer, or you can use a PC with software like

Support Line: Bootp of JetDirect over FDDI link ITEM: BJ7278L
Dated: June 1996 Category: N/A
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