sbclient command is hanging


  AIX 4.2.1
  RISC 2 - 43p and J30
  sysback.rte 4.1.2 (J30)  sysback.rte (both 43p)

  From the J30 which is running sysback.rte 4.1.2  I run this 
  command:  sbclient hades echo   It just hangs

  I am able from other systems which are running 
  sysback to run this command:  sbclient hades echo

  So it appears to be a problem with backward levels of sbclient


CLOSED by tj on 01/29/98 02:40:

The backward compatibility was fixed with of Sysback and 
Sysback 4.1.3.x and earlier. There still exists a compatability 
problem with the latest fix and and This is a major
problem since I cannot provide compatibility with these and all
prior levels. If a backup is performed between and,
the data on the backup may be corrupt and unreadable. Since this 
represents a serious issue that cannot be fixed while providing
compatibility with 4.1.3 and earlier levels, we need to reship to all existing 4.1.4.x customers. Hopefully this will 
not be a lot since it has only been available for a month but I
see no alternative at this time. has been provided to you. Please make sure to test this
in your environment using remote backups between this level and
anything prior to

Support Line: sbclient command is hanging ITEM: FF7200L
Dated: February 1998 Category: N/A
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