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Problem running X-Windows after 3.2.5 upgrade


Ihave recently upgraded from 3.2.4 to 3.2.5. After the upgrade, I
found that I could no longer get X-Windows to run. I have xinit setup
in my login profile and I found the following errors generated when I
tried to start it up.

could not load /usr/lpp/X11/bin/x could not load libc.a [shr.o] no
such file or directory 1356-822 xinit: creating tcp socket [n
findatcpsocket] 1356-805 xinit: giving up 1356-811 xinit: unable to
connect 1356-8__ xinit: no such process [errno 3]: i 1356-803 xinit:
server error

I did a lslpp -v and it showed no errors. There is a libc.a file in
several directories. Why would it stop after the upgrade?


It was discovered that the X executable had the wrong lib path set.
This happened because the LIBPATH enviroment variable was set when he
installed the upgrade.  When X11 is installed it links the X server.
The customer solved his problem by reinstalling X. The shell script
/usr/lpp/X11/Xamples/server/makeServer could have also been used to
relink the Xserver.

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