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NetView - Discovery of New Nodes - Changing Behavior to Executable


We have the following situation regarding the discovery of new objects:

We have an application that we want executed when the specific symbol
corresponding to that object is double-clicked in the Netview maps.  I know you
can configure this through the Edit...Symbol Description window, but this is
tedious and time consuming when there are a lot of these objects being
discovered.  I would like to know the following:

- Is there any way to configure Netview so that the behavior of a specific
object(e.g. All Hubs) is changed to executable(instead of explodable)
automatically when it is initially discovered?  If so, how (where) do you define
the application that you want executed when the corresponding symbol is


It is not possible with the current product to specify that certain
types of nodes be discovered as executable rather than explodable.

Currently, the only way to change a symbol from explodable to
executable is through the user interface.

Support Line: NetView - Discovery of New Nodes - Changing Behavior to Executable ITEM: AT9669
Dated: January 1996 Category: N/A
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