How to set the block size of tape drive larger


  AIX 4.2
  RISC J30
  Tape 3590-B11

  Customer wants to increase the block size of the 
  3590 to be over 1mb.  It would not like him since
  his DMA on the scsi is set to low.  

  You can only change the DMA this way:
  smitty devices
    SCSI Adapter 
       Change / Show Characteristics of a SCSI Adapter
          (choose one of the ascsi\# devices)

  SCSI Adapter          ascsi1
  Description          Wide SCSI I/O Controller Adapter
  Status                                  Available
  Location                                00-07
  Internal bus SCSI ID                    7
  External bus SCSI ID                   [7] 
  External bus wide enabled              yes 
  Internal bus wide enabled              yes    
  Maximum synchronous data transfer rate (mHz)   10  
  Target mode bus memory length              [0x10000]
  DMA bus memory LENGTH                      [0x300000] 
  BATTERY backed adapter                     no 
  Apply change to DATABASE only              no 

Change the DMA to be 0x300000 
Change Apply change to DATABASE only = yes

You will have to reboot to make these changes take effect.
Now the customer can set the block size to 1mb

Next Action:
  Closing with customer approval

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Dated: October 1996 Category: N/A
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