ITEM: P3267L

X3270 Segmentation Fault for various users.

ENV: 3.2.5 (7012)

DESC: HCON only runs off of root user. Segmentation fault any 
other id.


Env:  X3270 Xwindows emulator   AIX 3.2.5

Desc:  When the customer runs x3270 from root, everything works
        correctly.  When the customer runs the x3270 command
        from his own staff group user ID it gives him a segmentation

  On this hit it described some users being able to run x3270 with
  absolutely no problems, while others with the exact same permissions
  and usage getting core dumps.  In this description it was described
  as a bug :

UPDATE:  Further investigation shows that x3270 statically links libc.a
in with the x3270 executable.  This was not intentional, as it creates
compatibility problems across different releases of AIX, including the
seg fault documented in this problem. 

Possible workaround:  Changing the environmental language variable:  

                export LANG=C     Then restart x3270.

The customer changed his language variable to 'C'.  
X3270 started and ran fine as the customer was able to login
to his mainframe.

This problem is described by  IR27911. 

APAR IR27911 has been closed PER.  Our current plan is to make this
and other recent fixes available via anonymous ftp.

Support Line: X3270 Segmentation Fault for various users. ITEM: P3267L
Dated: June 1995 Category: N/A
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