System won't boot after upgrading 220 to a 250.

    250; 4.1.4
    System is upgrade to a 250 from a 220. It halts at 554 on a
    reboot.  Hardware was upgraded from a 220 to a 250.  Besides the
    planar swap, the only thing which was changed was the graphics
    adapter, from a gt1 to a gxt150.
.    The 220's being upgraded with AIX 3.2.5 installed have no
    Discovered that they had booted into maintenance mode, and
    installed the gxt150 device drivers.  However, they are still
    stuck at a 554.
.    Explained that the graphics adapter fileset missing would not
    cause a 554; we would get a different error.
.    We checked his bootlist, as he has already run through the 554
    LED fax with no success.  The normal and service mode bootlists
    were empty.  We set both the normal and service mode bootlists,
    and rebooted.  No change.  System is still hanging at 554.
.    Went back into maintenance mode.  I checked on a 250 running
    4.1.4 here in the support center, and found it had the
    devices.mca.8fba.* filesets installed, which the caller did
    not.  Suggested he install the following filesets, and try
.        devices.mca.8fba.*
.    Customer has a method of installing drivers in maintenance
    mode.  He copies the install images onto hard disk on another
    system, tar's them onto diskette, and tar's them back onto the
    machine in maintenance mode, and then installs the images from
    that directory.
.    After customer installed the additional device drivers, he
    was able to reboot in normal mode.
    Closing with customer approval.

Support Line: System won't boot after upgrading 220 to a 250. ITEM: BJ2546L
Dated: May 1996 Category: N/A
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