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How to setup NFS paging space for use on local machine

Env: AIX 3.2.5

Desc: Customer recently lost a disk drive that had one of their
      paging spaces on it.  They are currently in the process of 
      getting a new drive but would like to add another paging 
      space to take the place of the one they lost.  Unfortunately,
      they do not have any free PPs to create a new paging space.
      The customer has tried to set up an NFS paging space on the
      local system in a file system that has room and this works
      great until they reboot.  They have to rebuild it after each
      reboot.  They would like to know how to set this up permanently.

Action: Here are the steps for building an NFS paging space:

        1) Create a file the size you would like your paging
           space to be.  The file can contain anything.

        2) Use the mkps command to activate the paging space

           mkps -n -t nfs HOSTNAME FILENAME

        When using an NFS paging space, after you boot up, you 
        must use the cfgswpnfs command (as root) in order to 
        configure the paging space before you swap it on.  Before 
        running cfgswpnfs you will see something similar to the 
        following when you run lsps:

        Page Space  PV   VG    Size   %Used  Active  Auto  Type
        swapnfs0    ---  ---    0MB       0      no    no   nfs

        If you try to swapon the paging space before running cfgswpnfs,
        you will get the following message from swapon:

        0517-072 swapon: Cannot activate paging device /dev/swapnfs0.
        : There is a request to a device or address that does not exist.

        The procedure for activiating the paging space is as follows 
        (run as root):

        \# /etc/methods/cfgswpnfs -l swapnfs0
        \# swapon /dev/swapnfs0

        You can also set up a script to be run from /etc/inittab at
        boot up that can take care of these steps for you automatically.
        Be sure to put the line for the script in /etc/inittab 
        after the rc script for NFS (rcnfs).

        After running cfgswpnfs and swapon, lsps will show you the 
        correct information and the paging space will be activated.  
        You should see something similar to the following:

        Page Space  PV   VG    Size   %Used  Active  Auto  Type
        swapnfs0    ---  ---   20MB       3     yes   no    nfs

Support Line: How to setup NFS paging space for use on local machine ITEM: L1155L
Dated: August 1994 Category: N/A
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