tftp error 0827-604

   Env: AIX 3.2.5 on a 350, OS/2
   Desc: 0827-604 There is a disk access violation
       1. Had customer run tftp `hostname` on AIX machine
          > v
          > get /etc/hosts /tmp/hosts
            .... she recieved the 827-604 message
       2. Had customer verify the nobody account for expiration date
          smitty chuser, user account nobody
           .... the nobody account was set to expire in 1970
       3. Had customer change the expiration date to 0 by changing
          the expiration date to 0 and issuing the chuser command.
       4. Checked tftp and still recieved the same error.
       5. Had customer change directories to /etc (cd /etc)
       6. Had customer issue ls *tftp*
          Customer had tftpaccess.ctl file  
       7. Moved the tftpaccess.ctl file to tftpaccess.bak
       8. Issued inetimp and refresh -s inetd just in case something had
          been modified.
       9. Had customer issue the tftp command and they were successful. 

Support Line: tftp error 0827-604 ITEM: AB4953L
Dated: September 1994 Category: N/A
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