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How to check for compilers.



Customer wants to know how to find out if they have a C compiler
installed on their system.

Use the following commands to check if the compiler is installed on
their system.

    lslpp -h xlccmp.obj                 C       compiler
    lslpp -h xlCcmp.obj                 C++     compiler
    lslpp -h xlfcmp.obj                 fortran compiler
    lslpp -h xlpcmp.obj                 pascal  compiler
    lslpp -h adacmp.obj                 ada     compiler
    lslpp -h | grep -i cobol            cobol   compiler

If the command does not display any output then the compiler is 
not installed.

Support Line: How to check for compilers. ITEM: M3871L
Dated: November 1994 Category: N/A
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