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Need help creating install image: 503-915 error on install


I am using the guidelines in "General Programming Concepts" to create
an installable package for my software. I have done this successfully
in the past. However, for some reason, my latest attempt is not quite
working. When I install the package, the files get restored correctly,
but immediately after that I get the error:

        503-915 Entry for \ is not valid

The only change I made, was I recently added the directory the files
are stored in to the image, so I could customize the permission and
ownership of the directory during install. It is this directory
that the error is being generated for.


The error above comes during the sysck processing of your product.
This happens after all the files have been successfully restored from
tape. The sysck program checks some file attributes against the values
you recorded in your OPP.inventory file to insure the file was
restored correctly. It seems likely that something is a bit out-of-sync
in your OPP.inventory file.

You told me your inventory record had the following entry for
the directory you were getting the error with:

                type = DIRECTORY
                owner = user1
                group = group1
                mode = 755
                class = inventory,apply,appname
                checksum =
                size =

The "checksum" and "size" fields, even though they are empty, are
not valid for a DIRECTORY type entry in the inventory file. I asked
you to simply remove those lines from the inventory file, and you were
able to install your product.

You also asked how the "mode" line should look in the inventory file
for files that you want SGID and such set. The line should look like

                mode = SGID,SUID,755

Note that the attributes are capitalized (in the manual they are in
lower case which is incorrect). You separate attributes with commas
and put the octal permission string at the end of the list.

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