Multiple Ethernet connections


   Env:  Model C10

   Desc:  I would like to know if there is an adapter available
for the RS/6000 that will allow me to have multiple Ethernet
connections going in to the adapter.

  The IBM 8271 EtherStreamer Switch is a standalone device that provides        
  switched, full 10 Mbps Ethernet support for the attached devices.  The        
  switched technology (generically termed "switched Ethernet") provides         
  greater overall bandwidth than the traditional shared media LANs such         
  as Ethernet, Token-Ring, or FDDI.  In these shared media environments,        
  users vie for the network bandwidth -- the more users, the more traffic       
  and the less bandwidth available for individual users.                        
  In contrast, the switch provides a full 10 Mbps path for each connec-         
  tion through the switch.  Thus, each system gets a dedicated path,            
  regardless of the actual number of connections carried across the             
  The switch provides eight 10BASET (RJ-45) media connections.  A single        
  Attachment User Interface (AUI or the normal 15-pin D-shell connector)        
  is also provided and, if used, disables the RJ-45 connection on Port 1.       
    |               |--- 1 \<---Select RJ-45 or AUI for this port                
    |               |--- 2                                                      
    |   IBM 8271    |--- 3     Ports can connect individual workstations        
    |               |--- 4     or other LANs such as 10BASET, 10BASE2,          
    | EtherStreamer |--- 5     10BASE5 or fiber                                 
    |    Switch     |--- 6                                                      
    |               |--- 7     Connection to the switch is via 10BASET          
    |_______________|--- 8     Multiple switches can be linked (cascaded)       
  Systems attach to the new switch via Ethernet 10BASET (i.e., telephone        
  twisted pair) connections.                                                    
  The 8271 also supports full-duplex (bidirectional) communication with         
  LAN stations equipped with full-duplex Ethernet adapters.  These              
  adapters, like the IBM EtherStreamer microchannel adapter for the PS/2        
  announced in conjunction with the 8271, are able to send and receive          
  data simultaneously across the adapter.  When full-duplex mode is             
  implemented, the workstation as a potential aggregate bandwidth of            
  20 Mbps (10 Mbps each for sending and receiving.)                             

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Support Line: Multiple Ethernet connections ITEM: AE4279L
Dated: March 1995 Category: N/A
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