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Problem with X-Station 150 after upgrade

*)  If the customer calls back, please transfer to Tonya Arceneaux
*)   2-5368


I upgraded from 3.2.4 to 3.2.5 and now my X-Station 150 can't telnet
to the IBM 3083.  I can ping it alright, but when I telnet to the
machine, it gives me some list of options and only after I choose one,
it kicks me off-- kinda like the X-Station won't accept any input.  I
have an HP X-Station that can telnet to the mainframe just fine and
the rest of the RISC machines work just fine.  What has happened since
the upgrade that I can't get this thing to work?


Verified that you are correctly configured as a 150 in SMIT.

Called the customer, and she informed me that she fixed the problem.
Her LIBPATH environment variable was not set correctly.  She reviewed
the 3.2.5 release notes.  Page 17 describes the necessary actions that
need to be taken.  After doing this, everything  was OK except for the
ENTER key.  When the ENTER key was hit nothing happened.  However, the
Ctrl/Act key was somehow automatically remapped to perform an Enter.
Customer wanted to know if this was common.  Told her I would research
and call her back.


Found out the customer was using "telnet" to get to the 3083 (MVS)
system.  Informed her that when this is used, the system uses the
$HOME/.3270keys file.  (ie .3270keys specifies the user's 3270
keyboard mapping when the "telnet" command is invoked.)  Also informed
her that there is more specific information on the file and settings
in Infoexplorer.

Customer was satisfied.

Support Line: Problem with X-Station 150 after upgrade ITEM: F7866L
Dated: January 1994 Category: N/A
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