NetView - executable icon doesn't reflect correct status in all maps


ENV: RISC/380; AIX 3.2.5; Netview V3.1;
DES: I have an executable icon created by an operator that
     has a read-only map.  When the icon is executed, the
     icon changed status from green to red.  What cause this?
ACT: A user created icon will be on the user plan.  Only
     that user will have control over that icon.  The
     application will not have control over anything on the
     user plan.


> Why doesn't Netview update the database so that if a user starts a
> user-interface AFTER the trap is sent and BEFORE the "Application Up" trap is
> sent, they will see the purple status in the maps, rather than the INCORRECT
> green status(physical interface is up, but NOT application)?

In general, the configurable status traps can be thought of as
"map-centric", in that a configurable status trap only affects the
status of the symbols that are currently displayed in a map that
is being viewed with a user interface session that has nvevents

The configurable status trap status *is* stored in the ovw map database,
such that if, say, after the trap another user opens the *same* map
read/only, that user should see the symbol with the status from the trap.

You are right that symbols on maps that are not being viewed with
nvevents are not changed.

This is the difference between the IP status and the trap status.

IP status is stored in the IP topology database by netmon, which is
independent of maps.  Even if all user interfaces are down, netmon
will store the IP status of an object in the IP Topology database.
The next time the map is opened, ipmap will see the status of the symbol
in the IP Topology DB and change the color of the symbol on the map.

There is no similar "repository" for trap status... and that is why
the behavior is the way you see it.

This is a design limitation, and there is nothing that you can
tweak or configure to change the way this works, I'm afraid.


        See above +

        Remember nvevents changes status
        R/O maps status changes in memory
                Told customer 3 ways around problem:

        1). When shell script is executed, write out the status to
                a file. Use that file when NV6000 is invoked to
                set the status of the symbol.

        2). Write an API program that does the same thing, but sets
                a field in the object database.

        3). Have the R/W map with events up all of the time...


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