Errors compiling COBOL code for DirectTalk/6000


Env:    AIX 3.2.5, Micro Focus COBOL, SDE Workbench/60000

Desc:   Customer is getting the following errors while trying
        to use the make command to build DirectTalk/6000:

          0706-734 Cannot Attach Map File
          0706-540 Filelist Unable to Open for Insertion

        Customer is using the 'cob' compiler and running as 

Action: This error was fixed by removing a space between the '-I'
        flag and the include path in the make file.  However,
        customer then received a message indicating that cobinit
        is an unresolved symbol.


Action: The cobinit() routine is a routine that is part of AIX 
        VS COBOL, but not Micro Focus COBOL.  Micro Focus COBOL 
        has incorporated this functionality into the Run-Time.  
        The code that the customer is trying to compile must have 
        been originally written for VS COBOL and not for Micro Focus.
        In VS COBOL, cobinit() can be found in libcobol.a.

        Try commenting out the cobinit() call and see if that 
        corrects the linker error.  If the executable compiles 
        without problems, then try running the executable and make 
        sure that no initialization errors occur.

Support Line: Errors compiling COBOL code for DirectTalk/6000 ITEM: AB8214L
Dated: October 1994 Category: N/A
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