ITEM: Q0840L

Going from NetView 2.1.1 to NetView for AIX 3.1


D:  The customer is going to upgrade to version 3.1 of NetView and his
/usr is about 98% full.  He is concerned that there will not be enough
space on the machine to upgrade and would like some assistance in
learning what files he can remove.

A:  Customer should do this:

1)  make a full system backup of his system.

2)  run the script /usr/sbin/ptfdir_clean -y to remove any remote /usr
and diskless client files that are not needed with his configuration.

3) follow migration steps on p.28 of NV v3 installation guide to back
up his v2r1 maps and databases to another filesystem with the script
/usr/OV/install/tools/nvp.v2r1.  Choose the first selection in the menu:  

4)  remove the Netview V2.1 software through 
        smit nv6000, 
                        Remove AIX SystemView Netview/6000 software.

5) a) reject any APPLIED software that is not used or needed.
   b) identify any COMMITTED software products that are not used and needed.
   c) from the above list of identified software, reinstall those products
        with the following flags used:  
                Automatically install PREREQUISITE software?    no
                COMMIT software?                                no
                SAVE replaced files                             yes
                OVERWRITE existing version?                     yes
  d) after the above is finished, the applied software will then be able
     to be rejected in smit through 
        Manage Applied Software (List, Commit, Reject, Remove)

At this point there should be more than enough room to install Netview for 
AIX V3.  It requires 100M of free space available to /usr/OV directory.

Support Line: Going from NetView 2.1.1 to NetView for AIX 3.1 ITEM: Q0840L
Dated: January 1995 Category: N/A
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