COMMO/She needs 7318 support.


RS 4.2
model r30/7015

She needs 7318 support.
the 7318 is down.



 Customer has 7318 P10 that is not booting. He has attached a TI tty to
 the front of the 7318 but when he tries to get into the nvram he only
 gets funky characters.

 I had him change the tty from the port that it was on to another port
 and then reboot and then tried to get into the nvram screen with
 "shift \#" and he still gets funky characters. I then had Kerry at the
 RISC/6000 to issue the command:
 'lsdev -C | grep NW | pg'  this showed us that cns03 was STOPPED
 I then had her issue the command: 'cnsview -c "show log" /dev/cns03'
 this hung. THe lights ont he 7318 are "on blinking off off" which means
 "The 7318 is trying to boot but cannot communicate with the network".
 We switched monitors and the new monitor did not respond. I asked if he
 had set the baud rate for the terminal and he said that he did and he
 set it to 9600,8,N,1. But he said that he only set the transmit baud
 rate to 9600 and not the receive. I had him change the receive baud
 rate to 9600,8,N,1 and this worked we were able to get to the nvram
 screen. I had him change the host1= from which is (en0),
 to which is (en1). They have two network cards in this
 system. I had him save the nvram screen and then type load. This booted
 up fine and the lights are "on on off on" which means that it is
 communicating accross the lan and it is working as designed. But it did
 not get us to the ">>" prompt or a login prompt it started displaying
 things on the screen. Kevin read them out and Kerry said that it
 sounds like a print job. I had Kevin change the tty out and pit the
 printer back. This put the printer in a DEV_WAIT state. Had Kevin switch
 the printer to a different port and this still had it in DEV_WAIT. 
 Kerry asked him to change the printer to another port and then change
 the cable. Kerry sent a print job to the printer and it said that it was
 running. The job is printing.



Support Line: COMMO/She needs 7318 support. ITEM: DY4873L
Dated: November 1997 Category: N/A
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