SystemView & HACMP howto.

ENV:  SystemView Releases 1.2 & NV V3.1 & HACMP V3.1 & AIX 3.2.5

Problem : Would like to install NV V3.1 (and other Systems View
Products) on a shared disk in an HACMP environment.

Solution : I would recommends the following (for NetView):
1) Install NetView on both systems locally.
2) Move /usr/OV to the shared disk.
3) Remove /usr/OV locally.
4) Move all the related subdirectories to the shared disk such 
as /usr/lpp/nv6000, /usr/lpp/smv2 etc...
5) Ensure you have HACMP set up to do the hardware address takeover.

Support Line: SystemView & HACMP howto. ITEM: AT6997L
Dated: January 1996 Category: N/A
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