Production copy of sysback is expiring


  Sysback 4.1.2
  AIX 4.1.5
  RISC 7015-R40

  Purchased Sysback V4.1.2.0. Installed it on 2 local machines
  then copied the file from the diskette to the local mahcine 
  and ftp'd it to a 3rd remote machine.

  Now, 30 days later on the remote machine, he gets a message 
  when tries to use the product:

"This is an evaluation copy" "Contact IBM" --. Why?

lslpp -l --> This is a production fileset level.
ON his AIX V3 machines: 
  lslpp -l sysback.obj --> produciton

Explained that he could download a copy of 4.1.3 from testcase
and reinstall.

Customer wants to know why this happened and is concerned that
simply reinstalling won't prohibit the new installation from
encountering the same problem.

cd /usr/ccs/bin
--> ar file has size
--> No files with size of 0

cd /usr/ccs/lib
--> No files with a size of 0

Explained that I do not know why this happened and that I will 
have to investigate.

Action Taken:

I have determined what the problem is from looking at this code within the
 libsysback.c file 


int check_license(void) {
    /* Checks if the trial expiration file exists and is more than */
    /* 30 days old. If so, remove sysback and exit with message */
    int i, rc;
    FILE *tmpptr;
    struct stat stats;
    time_t clock, expdate;
    long days = 30 * 24 * 60 * 60;  /* 30 days (in seconds) */

    if (stat("/var/adm/sb", &stats))
        /* Trial not installed */


It is only looking for the existance of the file /var/adm/sb
If that file existance then it will check the date on the file
and determine if 30 days has passed.

I took a perfectly running production copy of sysback and did this:

touch 1212101996 /var/adm/sb

Now a sysback command will fail this way:

Your 30-day trial copy of AIX System Backup & Recovery/6000
has expired. To remove the software from the system, type the
following at the command line:
To order a copy, call AIX Support Family at 1-800-CALL-AIX
(option 8), or contact your local IBM representative.

If you remove the /var/adm/sb file it will remove then work.

Support Line: Production copy of sysback is expiring ITEM: DX9586L
Dated: November 1997 Category: N/A
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