CMVC: Destroying files.


Customer is using sybase and cmvc 2.1. Customer gets the following

   0010-346 cannot destroy filexxx, has not been committed or deleted.

This file does belong to a release but he cannot find anything that has not
been committed already.

Is there any particular reason for this message?


        Customer originally created component and created files within 
        the component.  Customer then turned tracking on.
                Customer then decided to go and remove all original files 
        as new files were created as part of a release.  Customer tried to
        delete the files but received an error message stating could
        note delete because not part of a defect/feature.  Customer opened
        a feature to delete the file, went through the feature process, 
        and deleted the file.  The file now shows in the Files windows as
        deleted and committed.  From the Files windows, customer uses the 
        Actions-->Destroy option to destroy the file.  When attempting this,
        the error message 0010-346 is returned.  

        In order to be able to delete the 
        files the customer must move the track to the complete state.
        Once the track is in the complete state, the file can then be 

Support Line: CMVC: Destroying files. ITEM: AB9713L
Dated: October 1994 Category: N/A
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