/usr/lpp/bosinst/diskette/tapefiles1 not found

  AIX 4.2
  Customer just upgraded from AIX 3.2 to AIX 4.2 and is getting this
  error message when doing a full system backup

  Can't find /usr/lpp/bosinst/diskette/tapefiles1
  Can't find /usr/lpp/bosinst/diskette/tapefiles2
  Can't find /usr/lpp/bosinst/diskette/tapefiles3
  I had the customer do a what on /usr/sbin/mkinsttape
     It is showing at level 3.2.5
  The same results with the mksysb

  I had the customer do this:
  smitty install
    Install and Update Software
       Install and Update from LATEST Available Software

  INPUT device / directory for software              /dev/cd0
* SOFTWARE to install                                [bos.sysmgt.sysbr]
  PREVIEW only? (install operation will NOT occur)    no 
  COMMIT software updates?                            yes  
  SAVE replaced files?                                no
  AUTOMATICALLY install requisite software?           no  (change this) 
  EXTEND file systems if space needed?                yes 
  OVERWRITE same or newer versions?                   yes  (change this) 
  VERIFY install and check file sizes?                no  
  Include corresponding LANGUAGE filesets?            yes 

This will overwrite the bos.sysmgt.sysbr.  It will reapply the 
mkinsttape and mksysb code again.  This corrected the problem
now the sysback is working correctly

Next Action:
  Closing with customer approval


Support Line: /usr/lpp/bosinst/diskette/tapefiles1 not found ITEM: CG6219L
Dated: October 1996 Category: N/A
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