ITEM: D5703L

How to change default settings on serial ports.


Is it possible to set tty attributes for a telnet port the same as you
do for the tty ports in SMIT? I would like to change the interrupt
character from \^C to DEL and can do so for a tty but not for a port
logged into from telnet (tn).


When you telnet, you create a pts (pseudo) tty port at that time.
Since this port, in essence, does not exist before issuing the telnet
command, there is no way to permanently set the attributes for that
port. You can put the following line in a users $HOME/.profile file so
the DEL key will be used for interrupt instead of \^C each time the
user logs in:

    stty intr \^?

Support Line: How to change default settings on serial ports. ITEM: D5703L
Dated: August 1993 Category: N/A
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