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Questions on Fortran porting code from PC to RISC


        We have an application on IBM PCs which we are porting to the
RISC System/6000.  We have some sloppy points in our code in which we
pass integers stored in one/two/four bytes to a function which expects
two byte integers.  On the PC we were able to get away with this, but
on the RISC, it is causing some problems.  Our program is extremely
large and we need a way to find all such offending calls.  Are there
any tools/flags which would help us to track down this problem or do
we have to manually try to find these errors?


You should use the -qextchk flag when you compile to assure that 
your arguments to functions agree in type, passing mode, and class.  
Also, you should specify the -bloadmap:FILENAME flag to create a 
load map so that references to type mismatches can be dumped to 

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