Remote services has to be reset on sysback server


The customer will get remote services working fine, and then
a few hours later will have to reset it.

Remote services even went down during a backup with the
following message:

sbserver: remote backup services not configured on server

This happened 9 minutes into the backup.  So it was configured and
then just dropped the configuration.


Something called 'supper' is looking at the cws and because it doesn't
see sbnet there, it removes it from the client.

To fix this configure remote services on the cws and then configure it
on the server again.

\# cfgremsvs

This will add the sbnet user to the server so that this doesn't happen
any more.


Closing with Customer Approval

Support Line: Remote services has to be reset on sysback server ITEM: JG6049L
Dated: December 1998 Category: N/A
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